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read this- you may find it strangely familiar (reedies especially)

first off, let me get this out of the way. i buy stupid books. i KNOW that. and this is from my new stupid "idiosyncrology" book (the art of putting people in catagories and giving the catagories stupid names.)
this is a little blurb near the end. i thought it was amusingly accurate. (though as soon as you catagorize these sorts of people, they will reject the definition...which is sorta the idea. hehh.)

Fauxhemians, Postereors, and IndieLectuals

As defined by Idiosyncrological guidebook The Hipster Handbook, Hipsters are people who possess "tastes, social attitudes, and opinions deemed cool by the cool." However, Hipsters have largely begun to feel uncomfortable in their own skins, given the increased media attention to their demographic. Many Hipsters feel that their irony-laden aesthetic has been capitalized upon by Urban Outfitters and MTV....All in all, most Hipsters feel a bit exposed and vunerable these days. Given the growing amount of Hipster backlash, a new breed of Hipster known as the Postereor (short for Post Stereotype) has begun to emerge. Postereors all dress like Hipsters, listen to indie music, smoke Parliaments, join kitschy cover bands, and complain that Ugg boots are totally over. But when asked whether or notn they're Hipsters, Posterors become bellierent and inform you that they most certainly are not. Postereors also says things like "Care Bear T-Shirts are hot" but are sure to follow this up with a pointed "and I'm not being kitschy" to distinguish themselves from Hipsters.

IndieLectuals are never fond of being called Hipsters either. They believe that Hipsters are spoiled trendy brats, whereas they're individuals who are blessed with exquisite taste. Unlike fashion-obsessed Postereors, IndieLectuals throw out 90 percent of their overtly trendy attire (CHIPs sunglasses, seventies-style ski vests) to distance themselves from Hipster culture. Nevertheless, they maintain a touch of Hipster flair by holding onto their Chuck Taylors or by choosing a disheveled hairstyle. This ensure that they won't be confused with your average square or working stuff should they step into a franchise restaurant by mistake. Like Hipsters, IndieLectuals possess ironic senses of humor and have a natural aversion to Tom Hanks. They are flush with knowledge on everything indie and can discern if something has become passe weeks before anyone else. Nevertheless, IndiLectuals insist they're neither hip nor trendy. "The scene" has gotten really lame these days, they attest. So who has the time to bother?

haha. yeah i think i'm probably the second one. i'll admit it.
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