Fun and Profit (piccadillycirc) wrote,
Fun and Profit

i just had the worst dream ever. it took like, 20 minutes. basically there was a map and islands and something like a game that i was playing but i was in it and it was more just like exploring. so there were these rats with too many eyes that were my friend's pets....they somehow sorta changed into girls and one fell and no one else helped her so i did and i took her to the doctor's to get washed up and get a bandaid. we crossed a busy road and someone yelled at us and to prove a point, several cars veered off the road and tried to hit us. so i took her inside and gave her over to some nurse. anyway, in the course of being in the office and talking to some big honcho guy i figured out that probably she was going to be hurt eventually, and i also saw a picture of me and stevo and gm and lindsay and a few other people in the crosshairs of a in, someone had aimed a rifle at us, and taken a picture of the crosshairs. so i thought that some other people, and maybe us since we'd been around, were going to be killed...and something about gm having to take over this crazy corrupt situation. so i came outside and it was apparently renn fayre...there were these beautiful rainbow shooting star fireworks that i could see from the main part of campus (the party part was on my half, cross canyon) and everything was lit up like crazy. so i'm in tears and terrified, so i go to find my friends and i find them, lindsay and gm and stevo and some other chick who he's making out with, in a hot tub, and i throw my papers (the ones with evidence about how all this horrible shits gonnna happen) into the water and scream "ALREADY??? NOW????" and am generally unhappy. steve says something like "uh, shit." i proceed to formulate ways in which i can kick himi in the face with steel toed boots, and how hard it would be to do that without him hurting me back. then i woke up.

i hate dreams that make you feel less rested.
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